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Or download the KEF Donation form,print and mail your donation to the Keota Education Foundation P.O. Box 86, Keota, Iowa 52248

480 CLUB

The Keota Community School District Foundation, Inc. was established for the purpose of accepting and distributing contributions to further the education of high school students and improving facilities and programs offered by the Keota Community School District. The Keota Education Foundation is a non- profit corporation established by the citizens of the school community with the support of the Board of Education. The Foundation operations independently of the school system.

Since its organization in 1995, the Foundation has helped numerous Keota graduates fund their education. fund their education. Since 1999, over $200,000 in scholarships have been granted. In the beginning years, the Foundation gave four scholarships per school year; now each applicant is awarded a scholarship. It has also given financial support to such programs as:
• Keota Elementary Guided Reading Program
• computer lab/technology updates
• curriculum updates

All this has been made possible by the generous and thoughtful people of our communities, plus the many alumni who have contributed to the fund.

480 CLUB Members

Warren Carris
Charles & Dawn Helscher
William & Pat Hultman
Don & Margaret Bermel
Pat & Maryann Bell
Gary Flander
Mary Ann Ochs
Larry & Joy Sanders
Larry Sanders
Mike Williams
Tom Lawrence
Steve & Lori Cave
Leland & Mary Ann Roegner
Pfizer Foundation
Brenneman Construction
Bernie & Mary Vittetoe
Jerry & Rita Sheetz
Reginald Erwin
Loretta Stoutner
Ron & Barbara Conrad
Dave & Linda Harris
Dean & Linda Sieren
Dave & Nancy Hobscheidt
Linda Werger
William & Audrey Gretter
Jayne Lillig
John & Cindy Snedigar
Tom & Jane Edwards
Darrell & Martha Bandy
Jarad & Rachel Klein
Merlyn & Mary Ellen Detweiler
Helen Harding
Eric & Paula Greiner
Dan Huber
Powell Funeral Home
Farmers Savings Bank
Curt & Jennifer Bell
Jeff & Carol Bermel
Duane Crawford
Charlie & Marilyn Sieren
Larry & Joyce Sieren
Leland Wade
Class of 2014
Class of 2016
Mark & Maureen Schneider
BJ & Katherine Bell
AJ & Denise Sieren
Pat & Shelly Hammen

480 CLUB Membership

In order to continue this spirit of giving and perhaps make it easier for anyone to be a part of this great tradition, the Foundation developed a pledge system called the 480 Club and Friends of Education Brick Wall.

Membership in the 480 Club, named because the total donation is $480, can be accomplished using one of three payment methods. The monthly option can also be simplified for the donor by using automatic debiting, and as always, any gift made to the foundation is tax deductible. With the rising cost of higher education, we hope you will seriously consider participating in this project.

I / We wish to become members of the Keota Community School Foundation 480 Club.
City, State, Zip

I / We have chosen the following payment method:

* $10.00 monthly for four years without automatic debiting
* $120.00 annually for four years
* $480.00 lump sum
* $ other (Please list)___________________________________

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